Dr. Ajayi Adewale Scholarship

Dr. Ajayi Adewale Scholarship.

This scholarship is being awarded by Dr. Ajayi Adewale to indigenes of Ifon in University or Polytechnic as part of his giving back to the community, in fulfillment of his pledge during the 2014 Ifon Day Celebration. The plan is to spend five million naira on scholarships over 5 years (2015-2019) at one million naira per year. Each successful applicant receives twenty thousand naira for each year successful application.

Oba Israel Adegoke Adeusi I, Olufon of IfonI wish to salute the efforts of the amiable Kabiyesi of Ifon, Oba Israel Adegoke Adeusi I for championing the cause of development of Ifon… his foresight gave rise to the Ifon Day Celebration. Solidly supporting Ifon Day is the Ifon Development Union (IDU), providing an Ifon umbrella club for all and sundry.

Ifan a san gede wa o, Amin.

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